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Lashes for life? Confessions of a lash-a-holic part 5

I have to confess. It took one lash set to get me hooked. Just be aware. There is nothing that will inflate your confidence like lash extensions.

The change - Once you have them you start to believe that this is how you look. This is you, now, there's no going back. You become suspended in a permanent cyclical state of denial that the synthetic enhancement to your lashes will somehow last forever and the hardest part is when your lashes start to thin and drop and the dwindling synthetics make you think that you're bald. "This isn't how I'm supposed to look, I want to feel great again" , says the voice in your head (or out of your head if you're like me, and you talk to yourself 🤪) anyway, what was I saying ... yeah so the voice in your head basically tells you that you aren't as satisfied and you want to get back to that feeling you got when you first opened your eyes after your first set.

The fix - you won't realise how deep in you are for a few months or years (for me it's been 8 years!) you need your fix: you know if you could afford to you would get a fill every week but you push yourself to 2 or 3 weeks knowing that EVERY time you leave that Lashroom fulfilled ... hmmm pure dopamine hit.

The solution - don't ask me I'm a lash-a -holic 🥴 and I'm never , ever stopping but if you do find a solution please comment below 👇

Love ❤️ Katie

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