I have had extensive training, initially in Classic Eyelashes where I was under a local practitioner with very high standards (let me tell you!). I have since gone on to learn more techniques in Eyelash lifting, Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting, Eyebrow waxing and Russian Volume, Advanced Russian Volume and CPD with some big names in the lash industry.

What are your qualifications?

·         Fully qualified in Individual Eyelash extensions,

·         RussianVolume Lashes,

·         Hybrid Eyelashes (Mixed lashes)

·         Advance Volume (long and short stem lash creation & styling),

·         Lash-lifting and Lash tinting,

·         Eyebrow waxing and tinting (light, medium & dark brown tint)

Where do you work?

I have my own beautiful beauty room where I carry out eyelash extensions, volume lash lifting (perming and tinting) , eyebrows (wax, tint & shape) and other treatments, only using top quality products. I have the patience and skill to create beautiful eyelashes whilst looking after my clients; making them comfortable and relaxed. I put on some candles, wrap you in a blanket or put the heat on and put some calming music on. We can chat or you can snooze, its up to you. 

How long have you been doing lashes?

I set up my business in 2017 and have never looked back, I ONLY DO LASHES & BROWS (day in day out) so you could call me a lash person through and through. I've been getting my own lashes done since 2015 and I cannot live without them. WARNING, lashes are extremely addictive but you can just have them done for holidays and weddings (Festival lashes, party lashes, holiday lashes, prom lashes, hen do lashes...I've done them all)

What Is a patch test and do I need one?

I'm skilled in eyelash shaping, layering and styling and I like to tailor my lash design to suit the client's eyes in order to meet their requirements and give them the lashes they deserve. I like to see my clients before I work on them in order to plan my work, so a patch test and consultation is always part of the process.


A patch test for a lash-lift involves the solutions and tint being put behind both ears and the glue on their wrist.

A patch test for extensions involves the placement of ten synthetic lashes being glued to your lashes in order to test the glue near your eyes.

The results of the patch test must be shared before you attend your appointment. Any redness or irritation on your skin or your eyes must be reported to me asap.

What is Advanced Volume?

I continue to train in the art of eyelashes when I can. I have attended some excellent courses which are imperative for expanding knowledge and skills in the industry and learning about new products on the market.

Extended Volume lash training (CPD Lash Magic with Vicky Rugg and Amy Philips)

 Advanced Eye mapping, styling, angling and layering.

 Advanced Volume CPD training with Bryony (Mirror Mapping, total coverage, crystalising & working with lash layers)