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Confessions of a lash-a-holic #3

Has everyone finished shedding their lashes please? Omg it's been a long, crazy couple of months. My fingers and thumbs have been working hard to keep my client's lashes presentable looking. Don't get me wrong, without blowing my own trumpet, I've churned out some pretty cracking full sets recently but they return 2 weeks later empty and forlorn. It's like a double whammy for those with an already fast lash cycle. One minute you've got a really long, longer than normal full set of lovely lashes, next thing you know you have gaps in your lashes. Horrific!

There's always so much going on this time of year as well! Weddings, birthdays, bank holidays, races and well, just events that you need thick full lashes for. Mother nature really outdid herself with this seasonal lash malarkey!

I want to stay perfect like this, forever. Pic courtesy of Kirsty Jones.

And now you will (stay perfect), well, for longer anyway. The lashes have shed, my speed lashing can take a hike until Autumn!!

Now let us marvel in the fact that our synthetic lashes are clogging up less landfill space, for now and the sun will make our tiny new lashes thrive.

Normal lash appointments can resume, ahhhh, we made it through lovelies, we made it through another lash shed 😘

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