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Confessions of a lash-a-holic #4

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

It's been a while since I put my hands on these keys! I'm not sure what to say as we are now in Lockdown3 and there's not a lot to confess because nothing ever happens now, really. Now we are in week 5, or is it week 6? I've given up count to be honest. ALL I can think about is when I can get a beautiful full set of lashes on these puffy eyelids! Look at these beautiful synthetics on my eyes [insert heart emoji]

The truth is I can't let go of these last few remaining lashes. I could remove them, I have the tools, I am a professional eyelash technician by trade but I just want to hang on to them. And guess what?! I've found a way to do this without looking like I have 3 crazy ass spikes sprouting out of my eyelids. I'll give you the recipe...


-A strip lash (make sure it's clean and you're not blowing the dust off it like I was!)

-A pair of scissors

-Some lash glue (again, new fresh stuff, like DUO for example, not like the old stuff I found at the back of my make-up drawer)

-A mirror (not one you need to hold on to, go for the bathroom mirror if i has a good light)

-A Lash brush


Before you start, preheat your patience to approximately fairly chilled level. Take a deep breath and make sure you can see your face really clearly in the mirror! Grab your strip lash and chop it up into about 5 or 6 pieces along the strip , in similar sizes. Brush your remaining 3 lash extensions away from the gaps.

Now your gonna get your glue and lightly sweep on to one of the pieces of strip lash and give it a blow, then look in the mirror at your gap, close your eye and stick the piece onto your lash line where the gap is whilst your eye is closed, press down gently and slowly open your eye. Do this until your gaps are filled!

Don't try this at home unless you are totally bored, trust yourself not to get glue in your eye and will do anything to get long lashes back on your eyes without having to wear strip lashes or mascara!

Here's a pic of the lashes I reformed earlier ...

Ahh there we are. They look pretty sparse here but better than they do without the strip/extensions. Without them I feel like a potato! It's amazing what a difference it makes even with just a few lashes on to your self-esteem. Isn't it funny how sometimes you go to your fill appointment thinking"yeah, I really don't need these doing but I really want to see my lash tech to offload and just have a natter and maybe they can remove that annoying lash that is ready to come out anyway..." and actually when you sit up at the end of your appointment you actually realise how sparse they were and that they did actually need doing after all!

I miss my full lashes. I miss my lash tech [cry emoji] but there are other options if you want to look less tired, less like a potato and just less not like yourself.

Strips, Don't get me wrong, these are fab when you're doing a zoom or want to impress someone short term but you can't wake up with these on. Well you can try but the chances you may end up looking like the bearded lady!

Doing this.. Mascara, again [rolling eye emoji] I hate. I have however found using a primer makes it last a bit longer for day wear. Truth be told however, I always end up rubbing my eyes after a while and it kills! It has to be done though, doesn't it: the very important makeup to meet your pal for a socially distance walk around the park, because otherwise it (the makeup) would just be rotting away in the drawer. What 's more exciting than leaving the house for your daily walk these days anyway?

So just one last thing to leave you with... SERUM. Life changer. Not an expensive one. Just a good one that's what I'm doing. I'm gonna grow these bad boys so they're all long and healthy ready to be lashed again soon as we can lovelies xxx

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