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Confessions of a lash-a-holic

My name is Katie. I am a lashaholic. I didn’t see it coming,it just happened one day, I guess like a lot of addictions. Looking back, it began in my early 20’s with strip lashes this then progressed to party Lashes then LVL’s, Classics, Hybrids and NOW, well, soon ... I will have my first full set of Russian Volume 3, 4 & 5-D D Curls!!!

My first professional lash appointment was with a fully-qualified technician AND trainer who was highly recommended. I think it’s important that you research your eyelash technician. Do they have a website? Are they fully-qualified? Are they experienced? Do you like the look of their work (checkout their portfolio)? Are their prices right? Cheap lashes = well, usually cheap lashes.

It’s normal to feel a little nervous if it’s your first time and being excited is a given, you’re gonna have lash enhancements, what’s not to like?!!

Anyway, back to my confessions...

When you are busy creating beautiful lashes you become so involved that you might from time to time completely ignore your client’s question (sorry) we are often in what’s called a ‘lash coma’. Sometimes we loose a whole hour and cannot tell you how we have produced the work we have because we can’t remember doing it! It’s normal. It’s human. We all have a switch inside us, not just lash technicians, which enables autopilot.

As a client, I know I talk too much at my lash appointment, but I love getting my lashes done and I love my technician, she’s like a pal who I see every few weeks. She’s a counsellor, she’s my rock for those minutes that my eyes are shut.

Here’s what they don’t tell you at your consultation...

1. You will feel the urge to talk but you know you shouldn’t. That’s normal.

2. You will tell your technician things that you wouldn’t tell her if your eyes were open. Perfectly normal. Your secret is safe if you have a good technician. (Patient confidentiality)

3. You will feel the urge to itch your nose at regular intervals. I can’t explain this, it’s a mystery.

4. You’re eyes are likely to water at some point, but it’s fine, and normal.

5. You’re eyes will probably twitch for some or all of the appointment. Normal.

6. You will have to keep your eyes closed from anything from 1-2.5 hours. You need to be aware of this and you will try to relax, but once you’ve snoozed, talked and your belly has rumbled really loudly and you’re fighting the urge to wriggle or you need to pee you will find this hard. That’s normal and the time passes quickly when you take calm - deep- breaths.

7. You will very likely fall asleep at some point, at which point you will either jump, twitch or snort. That’s normal and your eyelash technician is so heavily involved in a lash coma that it’s the last thing they’ll be thinking about!

So thats everything you need to know about getting your lashes done. If you think of anymore then please comment below.

Thanks lovelies xxxx

Katie Heap (lashaholic, I confess!!)

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