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Confessions of a Lash-a-holic #2

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

A New Year, A new post, a new rant about, well, the struggles of a lashaholic.

[Client selfie] Happy New Year, lashed lovelies!

I have thoroughly enjoyed lashing all my lovely clients over the Christmas period and getting them all party-ready! I think it's great that my regular clients also continue to return in January too although I was hoping for a few days with Netflix and my furry friend on the sofa, hee hee. Nah, truth be told, If you are a lash tech or you do a creative or just and enjoyable job, like me you might be able to relate to this following statement...

"I miss my job after a few days and can't wait to get back to it and no, I'm not crazy"

There. I've said it. I confess. I get 'lash-on withdrawal' after a few days of not lashing. I miss my clients, I miss their lashes and I miss 'the lash zone'!

It's all very easy for me to say this now, but please don't be fooled. We lash specialists have a tough gig so listen up...

I know I have to take time out to rest my wrists that pinch those tweezers tightly, anchoring those synthetic lashes onto your NL's with precision. I also need to rest this back that bends and stretches working around those wonderful eyelashes of yours making them look nothing less than perfect. I need to rest the fingers that are so important in supporting the whole process, constantly balancing with the tweezers, holding them safely and moving fluidly, weaving in and out, back and forth, twisting and pressing, not to hard but enough. Then there are my eyes, they focus so intently on your lashes, barely looking away, barely coming up for air, barely blinking in order to stay totally immersed in the lash zone and boy do they ache sometimes. OK I could go on about my growing ass on that saddle seat and the fact I need a break to get some glue-free air in my lungs but I think I've said enough for now.

Hey don't forget how much I've loved working on your lashes and please look after them for me. By that I mean ... follow aftercare ...

A few suggestions for you...

Avoid facials immediately before and immediately after your lash appt.

UNLESS they are LASH-SAFE ones like the ones I do. steams etc and hydra facials are best done a couple of days before you have your lashes done.

Speak to the beautician doing your facial about the importance of your lashes - no oils around the eye or steam and see if they provide eye covers.

Please avoid spray tans immediately before or immediately after your lash appt. The tan solution will stick your lashes together if you don't wear goggles and you'll need to shower the tan off too.

Avoid strip lashes. Just no. If you did, just get the glue off as quickly as possible and expect a longer lash appointment whilst I wiggle away at your extensions removing the residue probably with tweezers!

No to this too...Professionally applied make-up. If you are doing this just remember, you'll need to remove it with a clash cleanser if you want to keep your lashes looking tip top.

So basically that's.. no oils, no facedown sleeping, no touching your lashes please.

If you find you've lost a few lashes, they are suddenly uneven, unsymmetrical 'wonky' or gappy, you may need to book in with me again. Unfortunately I cannot offer a refund or a free fill if you have been involved in any of the above.

Please love your lashes like I do, my lovelies 😘


Lashes by Katie


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