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Extensions and Retention

As you leave your lash appointment for your fortnightly infill or a new set of eyelash extensions be sure to take a minute to think about your new lashes and how you are going to take care of them. Some lashes last longer than others and some people's lashes just hold on to the lashes for longer. Each lash should, ideally, be coming out from the root attached to an extension with your natural lash shed. Although that isn't going to be the case for most people: oily skin can be a factor, oily moisturisers and cleansers and even coconut oil based products, for example shampoo and conditioner can loosen the glue bond.

The fact of the matter is, if you go away from your appointment and you haven't followed the aftercare instructions given to you, then it is likely you will lose lashes at the bond and your extensions will begin to look less full quite quickly. Avoid such regular, expensive trips to your salon by looking after your beautiful lash extensions...

After 2 weeks you will have lost 50% off what you started with. If you are losing more than this you need to go back to your aftercare advice.

My recommendations for more durable lash wear:

1. Use a cleanser which is designed for eyelash extensions, this will stop lashes sticking together, remove oils and protect them especially from any bacterial build up from make-up.

2. Do not get them wet for 24, ideally 48 hours after your appointment.

3. Avoid make-up remover with any oils and face wipes!

4. Don't sleep on your face and squash your lashes!

5. Brush your lashes with a nice clean lash brush (spoolie) daily and they won't cross or pull at each other.

6. Don't use eyelash curlers.

7. Avoid gel eyeliners and gel eye shadows.


If you find you are shedding way to many lashes from the bond you should consult your eyelash practitioner and try to find the reason why this is happening.


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