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Confessions of a lash boss .. No lash left behind.

Stronger, Faster, Better!

Sept 2019

Hi there, lovelies!

It's been a while since I got my blog on. I've been a busy bee over the summer, doing wedding lashes, holiday lashes and festival lashes which has been wonderful as there's nothing I enjoy more than being in the lash room with my lovely clients! I love adding a splash of purple to a classic set with these ombre Volume Lashes from LashBase!

Now the summer lash rush has passed it's time to reflect on my work and take some time out to tell you about what else I've been up to.

Back in August I did an advanced training course with Bryony from LAE 'Advanced Volume' which was absolutely awesome! Aah look at me, so proud with my certificate!

Not only was it great mixing with fellow lash techs but it was so insightful and Queen B was an absolute hoot. She held all of our attention, she's got so much information on the industry and she wanted to share as much as she could. I was shocked and amazed at the revolutionary way in which she lashes. The new techniques I picked up on the course have helped me to rework my fan sculpting and also to crystallise when pre making my fans before I work in order to speed up my sets, allowing more time to work through the lash layers, because after all, we have 3 layers of lashes (provided we have looked after them, that is!)

The most important thing when lashing is to isolate really well. My lash extensions look amazing and they took 2.5 hours because no lash was left unlashed! It's more important that you are prepared to lie still for a couple of hours; maybe longer, rather than get it over with quickly. A quick set won't get you full coverage or be sustainable.

I am loving using my new found lash knowledge and putting it to use on my clients, reworking and restyling their lashes to suit their eye shape and producing a fuller set!


Back in March I did an evening at Courtyard 36, a fab venue in Bolton. 'Girls Night in', a ladies-only evening, to shop and chat and see more of what's going on in the local area. I was lucky enough to be asked to come along and mingle and talk about lashes (which I could just do all evening, and I did)!

So there’s lots in the pipeline... more training coming up with the lovely Vicky Rugg for more advanced volume techniques and then some brow training in Henna & Eyebrow Lamination... and who knows, a new salon one day if I’m lucky!

Finally, just want to say thanks for your support and look after your lovely lashes. Look at them as much as you like in the mirror... but not the rear view mirror!! I know, we all do it after our lash appointment.

x Katie

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