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Back to Lash after Lockdown

2 weeks to go. I’m coming back with a bang! New techniques, new products and new services to offer my beautiful clients! I cannot wait.

Its been a long lockdown... it’s about almost finished me off tbh!! I’m still in my lash room quite a bit getting things ready but trying to fill the time and not working has been really tough, I’m not gonna lie.

I’m lucky enough to have a teenager who loves lashes too so she’s been letting me do her lashes which has been great for keeping my fingers going strong. I gave myself a lash-lift a few weeks ago because I was fed up of waking up looking like a potato. That was challenging!!! I gave myself a brow-lift too (eyebrow lamination) which always defines my face, it’s like magic... so effective!

There are 5 major stages to returning to work as an Eyelash & Brow stylist... mental preparation, physical preparation and product preparation and then diary preparation! Finally... be Covid ready.. lots of prep!!!

Step 1

Got My Clients all booked in, yay!!

Step 2

Got my kit ready!

Step 3

Got my fingers ready and my back stretched ... feeling strong!

Step 4

Got my head on! Ready to be Counsellor and artist all at the same time!

Step 5

Cleaning products/ ani bac/ thermometer and forms all ready and Covid home testing kits ready to go.

Not long now! See you all soon 💋


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