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Your Lash Consultation

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Bespoke my lashes: Give me the longest, curliest curly, most beautiful eyelashes: see the options...

LBK Lashes by Katie Classic Eyelashes In Wilmslow
Lashes by Katie's Natural Classic C Curl Kitten eye

When you come in for a consultation either at your patch test or before your appointment we will talk about a few things...

· You and your natural lashes

· The style of lash you like

· You and your lifestyle

At the end of this short chat I will pretty much be able to tell you what we can aim to achieve and how we can enhance your natural lashes in a safe and suitable way; whether it be longer term or for a special occasion. You have so many options: big curl, small curl, long and straight, curly at the sides, longer in the middle? A Lash-lift enhances your lashes without using extensions, making them longer and lifted.

The Shape

I will look at your eye shape (to make sure we use the correct eyes pads, so that they sit nicely under your eye) and also that the desired lash style we want go for ideally to suit your eye shape. People with round or oval and almond up-turned eyes, for example look great with the natural cat eye effect to elongate their eyes. People with short curly natural lashes may need lashes stuck underneath their lashes rather than on the top. If you have hooded eyes, longer lashes at the centre of your eye and a deeper curl often create a more open eye effect. So there, that's just a few examples.

The length

I go from a 5mm length to a 15mm. Most lashes are between 9 and 11 mm long so as I always aim to go a 3rd longer than your natural lash so that it doesn't damage the muscle (lash extensions that are too long for your natural lash will cause damage) you won't need any longer than this.

The Curl

I might also suggest you go for less of a curl if you want to keep these really natural, say for example, B (mini) curl, if they have a strict dress code at your work or a C Curl. The trick is to gradually add more length and curl as you go along, in this case, so that you know what you can get away with!!

I stock B curl (mini), C curl (midi), CC curl (super) and D curl (over-curl) I literally have the straightest, shortest lashes on the planet normally so don't be afraid, anyone can curl it up if they want to! We can discuss all of these things at your consultation. If no rules apply to you then you could pretty much go for a thick sexy set of curly long lashes and even a splash of colour if you wanted to.

The Colour options

I stock colour lashes along with JET BLACK

Russian Volumed Blue Black lashes
Blue lashes

Please note: I can only do some colour requests via special order as I don't currently stock all colour lashes in all curls but if you fancy a splash of colour at the edges or just sweeping through I can do that for you!

The Thickness

I always use a thickness of 0.15 on each individual eyelash. The Classic lashes are individual synthetic (I do not use animal fur) lashes, 1 stuck onto 1 of your lashes and so on until all of your lashes are individually covered. This takes 1.15 to 2 hours, depending on how many lashes you have and what kind of angle they point in, sometimes the lash needs to be wrapped around or angled in order to create a streamlined, perfect lash-line . Some take longer than others but this can be roughly gauged at your consultation.

Cat eye lashes D curl individual eyelashes by LBK
LBK's D Curl Classic Eyelashes in Cat Eye shape

For Russian volume and Mega volume I would match this by using the right number of smaller lighter lashes to equate to the same thickness and therefore weight. For example a 3,4 and 5D fan would be suitable when using 0.07 volume lashes and 6 to 7D when using 0.05 (mega volume lashes) equating to 0.15 in thickness. This is probably getting a bit confusing now if you are a newbie. I'm happy to explain at your consultation! For me, thickness is vital to creating a look that suits everyone and without causing damage to the lash.

The Volume

Last but not least we have an option to thicken your lashes by using volume fans.

Russian Volume Eyelashes
Russian Volume Eyelashes by LBK

The technique of the Russian volume lash entails the technician creating a fan of 3,4 or 5 lightweight lashes (lighter than your classics but weighing an equal amount once a fan is created). These are hand made fans created on the go with teeny tiny synthetic lashes that then wrap around the shaft of the hair once dipped in glue.

Mega Volume Lashes
Super Fluffy Mega Volume by LBK

Mega volume lashes might entail the technician making a fan of between 6 and 12 Lashes but that’s an even more advanced technique and these lashes would individually weigh a fraction of the weight of a Classic fan in order to keep the equal thickness of a classic lash.

I like a mix in mine of volumes and classics. These are called Hybrids.

Beautiful Natural Hybrid Eyelash Extensions by LBK

These are natural-look hybrids where the Russian volume fans/ classic lashes have been evenly spread throughout the set so that they create a thickening effect. Hybrids can be as spiky and funky as you like. You can do a 'Kim K' (NYC Spiked) effect by using less classic spikes and more volume fans, altering the lengths...

NYC Lashes
NYC Spiky Russian Volume & Classics by LBK

The Lift

A lash lift-and-tint treatment involves two processes, both designed to give you remarkable eyelashes for weeks. The lash lift imitates the effect of an eyelash curler and mascara. It makes your lashes lift upwards, leaving them looking longer, and your eyes more open and bright. The treatment entails your upper lashes being stuck onto a curling shield on your lid and then permed in place. Lower and upper lashes are then tinted. This takes about 45 minutes.

This creates volume & length by blackening the lashes and perming them up in place. Whoosh, this is an awesome treatment without extensions, making your lashes appear longer and thicker and so easy to throw away those eyelash curlers! You can wear mascara with these lashes, 24 hours after treatment.

So just to summaries, we lash artists are actually Lash Doctors. There is a lot to take into account when designing your lashes so it's important that we talk about everything and quickly cover all bases up front. And remember, we are a lash team so if for any reason you aren't happy with your lashes then please talk to me as things can always be tweaked at your next infill appointment.


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