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Aftercare - Use it or Lose it.

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

The key to being happy. Following rules. Conforming to the rules of the lash & brow bible . Or... rebel if you want to but be prepared for a longer infill appointment and other holdups.

After every appointment I send out aftercare by text or email, whether it's a lash tint, a lift, extensions or an eyebrow wax. It's important to stick to the aftercare you are given at your appointment for your safety and happiness. I want you to be happy with your enhancement (lashes and brows) so please look after them and they will stay beautiful.

Eyelash extensions. How hard can they be to look after? You won't be able to feel your eyelash extensions if they've been applied correctly so you might forget that you have them on! It's simple once you know how but you need to adapt things slightly, a bit like a lash diet. DON'T SLEEP ON YOUR FACE, DON'T GET ANY OILS (MOISTURISERS, MAKEUP, SERUMS OR STRIP LASH GLUE) ON THE BOND AND BRUSH & CLEANSE EVERY DAY! Simples!

Eyelash extensions, beautiful lashes with eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner and bottom lash mascara will transfer to your lashes. If you want definition, use a pencil eyeliner (show above) or tint your bottom lashes (I charge £5 for a bottom lash tint). If you need to wear mascara with your extensions use a mascara that is tailored to be used with extensions so as not to loosen the bond and also make sure that you clean them well before you go to bed. If you don't clean your lashes the mascara with stick your lashes together and when your lash naturally sheds (this happens 3-5 times a day) it can stick to another lash and begin hanging onto it, this will double the weight on your natural lash and potentially pull out a good lash early in it's cycle. Look after your lashes.

Eyelashes, individual eyelash instructions
Eyelash Extension aftercare instructions

A Lash-lift is slightly easier to maintain but there are still rules! Your lashes can drop if they are exposed to steam and water within the first 24 hours. Also, if you squash them too much whilst they're still forming shape in the first 24 hours they can become miss-shaped.

Lashlift, advice, aftercare, lash treatment
Lashlifting advice and aftercare

Eyebrows also come with instructions. If you have been waxed, it's important that you are aware of your skin sensitivity. At your appointment you will have after-wax applied to remove any wax residue and protect the waxed area of your skin, after all, the top layer of your skin will have been removed and is now exposed and it will take approximately 24 hours to grow back that layer. Eyebrow waxing is fantastic for getting that lovely arch and smooth-hair free skin but be aware if you are hyper-sensitive (hormonal imbalance, stress, period, or using any kind of alpha hydroxy based treatments) your skin may become thinner and thus more exposed after treatment. It is imperative that you keep the exposed area clean and do not touch it.

Eyebrows, wax, aftercare
Eyebrow waxing advice and aftercare

You have read the rules. The rest is up to you.

Thanks for reading,

Katie xxx

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