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10 reasons why you should get Holiday Lashes.

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Holiday Lashes, Eyelashes for your holiday, extensions and eyelash tinting, lash-lifts in Bolton
Don't forget your holiday lashes, lashes by Katie

The holiday season is upon us. Whether you are jetting off to Vegas, road tripping along some way off coastline, camping in some National Park, travelling Europe or just hanging out in your local hood this summer there is no doubt that you will have been thinking about what it is you need to do to get bikini ready. For me, the holiday season means it's time to sprinkle some summer hues on my wardrobe, up my gym intake, take out the sandpaper for my wintered feet and start thinking about wax, fake tan and EYELASHES (well, in my case - even bigger lashes than the ones already on my lashes!!)

I've put together a list of some fairly interesting facts about holiday lash enhancements because I don't want you to miss out. For me, false lashes are a staple however you might only want them for say a hen do, a weekender in Ibiza, a wedding or maybe just for your summer holiday. Read on if you don't believe me, or if you do believe me but you just want to read on anyway.

1. Bye, Bye Panda Eye (s)

Go on, jump into the liquid sun and don't fear the worst. Don't worry about the running mascara on the plane when the air-con makes your eyes water and stay a little bit longer in the night Cinderella moments when you have lash enhancements!

2. I woke up like this, no really I DID!

Wake up lovely. If it's in a field, on a beach, wherever you are (we won't judge!) Get the just out of bed look down to a T. A 'T' for too many Sangria's last night! You may have pulled an all-nighter but nobody can tell!

3. Look great all day, from pool to bar with ease!

No need to pop back to your villa or hotel room to top up those lashes with more mascara. In fact, no need to top up anything apart from your mojito as lash enhancements do all the talking.

4. Sunscreen eye-baths are a thing of the past!

We are all told to keep oils from around the lash extension as this loosens the bond of the lash adhesive. If you are thinking about the two hours you spent on the lash couch and the $$ you spent on your lashes, it's a given that you are going to keep the hell away from any sun lotion around your eyes!!

5. Please, no more rubbing my eyes at midnight trying to paint strip the waterproof mascara off!

Yey, that waterproof mascara that literally cakes onto your lashes and isn't going out without a fight. Yes, you know that one? That one ain't coming and neither is the heavy duty make-up remover. No, no, no.

6. Protection?

Your lashes are longer and covered with a synthetic lash and therefore, surely more likely to protect your NL (natural lashes) from the sun if you take your glasses off for a few minute whilst splashing in the sea. This hasn't been scientifically proven, but it's a thought. Always where your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun where possible though!

7. Be selfie ready all holiday? You might want to get some lash enhancement? Oh and no more strip lashes on your cheeks in the hot sun!!

8. The feet - pool shots will be a thing of the past. You will literally be doing lash - pool shots. A bit like this... (although this was a snow-lash shot because I was deprived of sunshine on my last holiday.)

holiday lashes , eyelash enhancements
The lash-snow shot - holiday lash shot

9. Enjoy an evening out without messing with your sweaty face. Just get out of the shower and go.

10. You know when you're on the plane, comfy and make-up free because when you wear make up it gets all dry and uncomfortable in the air con? Well with lash enhancements you can actually look made up effortlessly and be comfortable too. Bonus, even on the way home.

So there we go.

Happy holidays! Lash or no lash xxx

bolton based lash artist, lashes by katie
lashes by katie - Wilmslow based lash artist

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